Joy Corporate has been recognized by HRTech Outlook as TOP 10 Employee Wellness Consulting / Services Companies in Europe. To better illustrate the landscape of employee wellness solutions, the editors of HR Tech Outlook have identified the top 10 Employee Wellness Solution Providers. The goal is to identify the emerging companies in this area and to present their expertise, products, services and solutions to address market complexities. The awarded companies have extensive knowledge and resources to develop strategies for the well-being of employees.

Wellbeing - Portal is a holistic Swiss health platform for massage, therapy, coaching, personal training, nutritional counseling, team events, financial well-being, company workshops and other wellbeing services.

Our society has undergone more changes in the last 20 years than in the past 2,000 years. For this reason, we experience stress and the time is practically never enough! Nowadays, 45% of all bookings take place outside opening hours and more than 50% of all appointments are booked via mobile phone. That's why online booking and online payment are indispensable!

The idea of ​​implementing a wellbeing portal arose out of a need. We offer corporate health workshops for large companies. Again and again we were in a professional or private situation to organize events or health workshops for our employers, customers or in the private sphere. We always wanted to find a platform where you can search, filter, sell or book directly such health services. This was difficult respectively time-consuming, as the information was only available decentralized and distributed across many different sources. So we came up with the idea to open a wellbeing portal, where all experts, practitioners, wellbeing providers can introduce themselves.

For us, it was already clear at this time, it needs a portal, which shows all health and prevention services simple, efficient and visually appealing and presents this content on a central website. In addition it should be enriched with numerous other editorial services "around wellbeing", so that the use really offers added value and the visitors can find in the future all relevant information. is an important platform for owners and service providers to present themselves in a visually appealing and effective way.

We are a company that believes in hard work and high standards. We have solutions, and we deliver. We attach great importance to a reliable and fast customer service.

Small changes can make a big difference. We try to achieve a lasting change in your wellbeing with a series of small measures.

The professional life can be quite stressful sometimes. You rush from one appointment to the next, have to do one call after the other and have little time for your morning coffee. Stress at work has a negative effect on the entire work environment.

One in five employees feels stressed out because periods of rest and relaxation in their daily work are neglected. Stress affects the body and mind. In stress situations, hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are increasingly being produced. A health risk therefore arises when stress occurs in excess and without corresponding relaxation phases. Blood pressure increases and the whole body does not calm down. Headaches, sleep disorders, depression - the signs are varied and should not be underestimated. It is best, however, to counteract the stress already in the initial phase with appropriate relaxation exercises and rest periods.

From the very beginning, the idea was to create a portal that could offer added value for visitors as well as for providers. Visitors have the opportunity to find, book or pay for massage, therapy, wellbeing workshops, OHM activities or courses directly and to always be informed by email when a new event / provider is registered. For sure you will not miss an interesting wellbeing event anymore.

The same principle applies to media releases or blog entries. Users have the opportunity to share their press releases or articles on with a large audience. The media releases and services are published up to the social web (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter). is the new comprehensive marketplace for well-being providers. Here, supply meets purposefully demand and it comes together, what belongs together.

What do we offer?

  • Large selection of workshops and services of well-known Swiss providers
  • Booking management from A to Z
  • Credit card payment, PayPal payment, social media promotion
  • Implementation of an usage concept (simple and efficient)
  • Building an intuitive, visually appealing user interface
  • Optimal presentation options for the different service providers
  • Ensuring up-to-date and high quality information
  • Tested quality Team
Your trusted partner for optimizing and strengthening your wellbeing.

Some of our customers

  • Nav
  • Adobe
  • lafarge
  • Kistler
  • Schaffner
  • Alexion ConvertImage
  • Johnson
  • Egonzehnder ConvertImage
  • Buelach Spital
  • Uster
  • Vetct
  • Mhp


  • Ljubinka H., Administrative Expert Global Drug Development - Novartis Pharma

    „Der Vortrag in Novartis Pharma AG, Basel am 28.08 war beindruckend und hat mir geholfen meine Erfahrungen und Erinnerungen im Bereich des Unterbewusstseins, wieder bewusst bewerten und anwenden zu können."

  • Elaine Skapetis, Front End Engineer, Marketing & Web Platform, Adobe Switzerland

    „Before I met Mara Schär at Joy Corporate I was overwhelmed and in stress regarding our events organization, because is a big challenge to get in touch with the right professionals and have the right connections for each area. Mara helped me to organize a lot of workshops and people had only good feedback: “The best professionals, great method, great organization”. For me work with Joy Corporate is more than just a company business. I see that she is looking to improve and help people, creating a customizing plan for each one. I’m thankful to work with such professionals.“

  • Susanne Hänni, Communications Switzerland - Novartis International AG

    "Der Vorstand und die Mitglieder des NAV’s (Novartis Angestellten Verband) fanden den Vortrag «Die Psychologie des Überzeugens» lehrreich."

  • Ramon Bißwanger, Senior Consultant Adobe Experience Cloud

    I have been attending a chocolate workshop organized by Joy Corporate together with my 2 kids. All was perfectly organized and the kids enjoyed making their own chocolate, especially putting sprinkles, hearts and other decoration on top of it. They have been talking about the workshop to all other kids in their kindergarden on the next day.

  • Julia Sumpf, Global Marketing Assistent

    "Ich habe bereits schon an mehreren Events und Workshops von Joy Corporate teilgenommen. Besonders gefällt mir an den Events, dass ein gutes Verhältnis zwischen Theorie und Praxis gefunden wird. Anhand vieler Übungen im Team lässt sich das Erlernte anwenden und somit verinnerlichen. Die Workshops sind immer hervorragend organisiert und durchgeführt. Vielen Dank!"

  • Ronald Steiger O&HR, HR Manager LafargeHolcim Holderbank

    "Unsere Mitarbeiter konnten sich mit dem Workshop "Impact of sleep" einen Überblick verschaffen über das wichtige Thema "Schlaf". Sie erhielten wertvolle Tipps, wie sie sich auf einen gesunden und guten Schlaf vorbereiten können und was eher zu vermeiden sei. Insgesamt ein sehr informativer und wertvoller Beitrag."

  • Lionel B., Brand Manager Europe, Colgate-Palmolive

    I attended the 2019 Communication Events with Wladislaw Jachtchenko in business at Adobe. The talented speaker took us in a journey to explore the topics by fully engaging the audience with roll plays or smart questioning. Memorable. Would highly recommend this experience organized by Joy Corporate.

  • Erich Broenimann HR Business Partner - Kistler Instrumente AG

    "Ich möchte mich nochmals für den reibungslosen Ablauf bedanken. Das Feedback der Teilnehmer war bisher nur positiv."

  • Michèle Albrecht Fritschi - Schulverwaltung Sekundarstufe Uster

    "Unser Feedback ist sehr positiv. Der Workshop "Zeitmanagement" hat bei uns einen sehr guten Eindruck hinterlassen und das Eine oder Andere wird auch schon regelmässig angewendet."

  • Peter Z., Egon Zehnder International (Switzerland) Ltd

    The event was great and the speech of Mr. Seidler’s workshop excellent. People were impressed.

  • Kinny Marazza, Architect

    Firstly thank you so much for the organisation of the event... it's amazing! I have really a poor way to communicate. Thanks to these events, my communication is healthier and I do more focusing on my own goal.

  • Ananda Staudenmann, Kauffrau EFZ und WBA-Therapeutin

    „Die Zusammenarbeit mit Mara und ihrem Team ist professionell und kundenfreundlich. Joy Corporate bietet viele Möglichkeiten sich und seinen Mitarbeitenden Gutes zu tun. Eine Empfehlung für alle, die Corporate Wellbeing umsetzen möchten.“

  • Florian Schär, CEO Masterhomepage GmbH, Basel

    „Joy Corporate hat uns von Anfang an überzeugt. Die Mitarbeiter sollen sich bei uns wohlfühlen. Die vielen Möglichkeiten an Workshops und Vorträgen sind beeindruckend. Auch für kleinere Firmen ist der Mehrwert deutlich spürbar.“

  • Marina Riedi, EQ Power, Trainer für Emotionale Intelligenz und Coach PCC ICF

    "Meine Zusammenarbeit mit Mara Schär war äusserst angenehm, als ich im Auftrag von Joy Corporate einen Workshop über Emotionale Intelligenz geben konnte. Mara schenkte mir Ihr Vertrauen und gab mir die Freiheit, das Training nach meiner Regie zu gestallten, was ich sehr schätze. Ich lernte Mara als eine offene, herzige, kreative und zuverlässige Person kennen. Mich beeindruckt auch Ihre Tüchtigkeit Kunden zu gewinnen, die mir und anderen Trainer neue Türen öffnet. Ich würde mit Mara Lascar und Joy Corporate gerne weiter arbeiten."

  • Manuela Steiner, Senior Business Manager, Logistikfirma Bern

    „Eine herzliche Atmosphäre, ein qualitativ sehr gut ausgearbeitetes und präsentiertes Konzept. Selten habe ich erlebt, dass ein Konzept so spannend und spürbar vermittelt und gelebt wird. Die kreative Workshops machen so viel Spass und wir konnten für das erste Mal dieses Jahr richtig abschalten. Nach dem Workshop waren wir alle total entspannt und motiviert. Und jetzt möchten meine Kollegen privat ähnliche Kurse buchen.“

  • Meyrin E., Team Coordinator, Finanzdienstleistungsfirma Lausanne

    „Our people had an inspiring day discovering creative and hidden skills! It really helped us focus on what were the key values we wanted to bring to our new team which we uncovered in a very creative way through brainstorming, drawing and painting. Would highly recommend this experience to any corporate group who wish to get to know each other better, develop values to work by and get colourful for the day! Joy Corporate delivered their services with high standards and integrity.“

  • Tobias Schmidt, Business Development, HR Firma Zürich

    „We worked together with Joy Corporate to roll out a stress management program for our staff. This included massage sessions, mindfulness, yoga and stress management workshops. The feedback from staff was extremely positive and we look forward to working with JC again in the future.“

  • Heleonore L., Senior Recruitment, IT Firma Zug

    „Am Anfang waren wir etwas skeptisch, aber es war ein absolut gelungener Kommunikationsworkshop in sehr angenehmer Atmosphäre. Wir haben viele Stunden gearbeitet und uns auseinandergesetzt, aber wir haben viel gelacht, und einfach Spass gehabt“

    Mission & Values

    "Our goal is to make people happier and more productive. We rely on innovation, integrity and tested quality. This includes carefully selecting our partners! We work with a highly qualified team of experts, partners and professionals for well-being. In everything we do, our customers are the focus."

    Mara Schär, CEO&Founder Joy Corporate GmbH, Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist®

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